Column LED Display for Shopping Mall

Product: Column LED Display
Application: Shopping mall

Many customers will be attracted by the effect of these column LED displays when shopping in the mall, which can not only beautify the decoration of the mall but also bring good benefits to the mall. Today, from the perspective of LED display manufacturers, we will introduce how column LED displays are produced and installed, and what information shopping malls need to provide before looking for cooperation with our LED display manufacturers.

Column LED Display for Shopping mall (1)
Column LED Display for Shopping mall

Column LED Display for Shopping mall (2)

Flexible LED displays can be designed in different shapes, and column LED displays are one of them. The LED screen can be customized according to the size and height of the load-bearing columns of the shopping mall. Before the shopping mall contacts us, you can measure the size of the columns first, so that we can provide quotations as soon as possible. After confirming the size and price with the mall, our designer will start to draw the structure diagram of the LED screen. After the drawing comes out, we will start to produce the cabinet and prepare other materials. Generally, the size of the pillars will be very high, so we will be divided into several parts for production, and several parts will be combined during installation. Although it is produced in several parts, it will not affect our display effect at all. After installation, it looks like a whole.

Column LED Display for Shopping mall (3)

It takes about 15 to 20 working days from design to delivery for the whole column LED displays. For some urgent projects, please confirm the order with us as soon as possible in advance so that we have more time for production.

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