COB LED Display Manufacturer in China

COB LED Display Manufacturer in China

NSE offers COB LED displays that have a wide viewing angle, high color uniformity, ultra-high-definition, and can provide the audience with an extraordinary viewing experience.

  • 2-year warranty
  • Ensures quick delivery
  • Customizes as per your needs
  • Excellent pre-sales & after-sales services


COB or Chip on Board LED displays is made up of tiny chips that are joined together to form a single module. All of the chips are directly integrated and packaged on a special PCB board. COB LEDs take up less space compared to the usual LEDs. They offer wide viewing angles, high contrast, less light loss, and more.

NSE manufactures a wide range of COB LED displays for indoor and outdoor applications. We also offer ODM and OEM services to meet your specific requirements. Meanwhile, we have been delivering high-quality COB LED displays to over 80 countries and ensuring fast delivery.

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P1.25 COB LED Displays

The P0.9 COB LED displays have wall-mountable installation and front maintenance design. They also have automatic brightness adjustments.

P1.5 COB LED Displays

The P1.25 COB LED displays have wall-mountable installation and front maintenance design. It is a cost-effective model and popular in the market.

P0.9 COB LED Displays

The P1.5 COB LED Displays feature ultra-high pixel density, dust-proof, water-proof, and maximum visual stability. They ensure optimal display.

Indoor COB LED Displays

Indoor COB LED displays are widely used in classrooms, monitoring demand centers, TV studios, etc. They have a high contrast ratio and grayscale.

Flip Chip COB LED Display

The flip chip COB LED displays have a die-casting aluminum cabinet, front service, IP65 rating, excellent heat dissipation, and low power consumption.

COB Shelf LED Display

COB shelf LED displays are used for advertising in shopping malls, exhibitions, and supermarkets. They can also be used as a stage background display.

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COB LED Technology Applications

There are many different types of LED displays that use COB LED technology. For example, fine-pitch LED displays that have less than 1.5mm of pixel pitches adopt COB LED technology. Other applications of COB LED technology also include:

  • micro and mini LED displays
  • stage LED screens
  • shelf LED displays
  • indoor LED displays

COB LEDs are smaller than SMD and DIP LEDs. That is why they have higher resolution and can provide viewers with a remarkable watching experience.

COB LED Technology Applications
COB LED Display Applications

COB LED Display Applications

COB LED displays provide a seamless display and are widely used in:

  • auditoriums
  • broadcasting studios
  • high-end conference rooms
  • control rooms
  • events & rental applications

COB LED Display Advantages Over SMD & DIP LED Display

When compared to the SMD and DIP LED displays, the COB LED displays have:

  • higher brightness
  • more lights
  • lower failure rate
  • better uniformity
  • lower power consumption per square inch

These advantages are possible since the COB LED chips are compact and save a lot of space.


NSE is a COB LED display supplier in China that has achieved ISO 9001-2004 quality system certification. All of our COB LED displays also obtained certifications such as:

  • RoHS
  • FCC
  • CE
  • CCC
  • ETL and more

Wide Range of Features

High Protection Performance

COB LED displays a high level of protection performance due to the LED coating technology. Their surface protection has a rating of IP65. The coating technology protects the COB LED displays from:

  • Moisture, oxidation, and liquid
  • UV rays
  • Impact and collision
  • Dust
  • Other environmental elements
All-In-One Accessories

Our COB LED displays come with various accessories depending on your needs. We offer accessories such as:

  • wall mount
  • interactive touch frame
  • rolling floor stand
  • others
Better Visual Effects

COB LED displays provide better visual effects and an outstanding viewing experience to the viewers thanks to the:

  • wider viewing angle up to 180° or more
  • higher contrast ratio and brightness in both outdoor and indoor
  • higher resolution
  • larger light-emitting area
  • ultra-high-definition displays
  • high-intensity luminance
Compact COB LEDs

Thanks to the small-size COB LED chips that are bonded together, COB LED displays have:

  • higher intensity at a close distance
  • better uniformity
  • excellent performance in heat dissipation for a long lifespan, reliability, and stability
  • higher efficiency in heat conductivity
Easy Assembly

The COB LED displays are easy and quick to setup due to the:

  • modular design
  • cableless interconnects that keep things tidy

Because of that, COB LED displays are perfect for rental applications.


The PCB boards of COB LED displays have 0.4 mm up to 1.2 mm of thickness depending on what you require. As a result, COB LED displays are up to 1/3 lighter than conventional LED display screens.

A lighter weight also means that the cost of project steel structure and transportation will be reduced.

Your Trusted COB LED Display Manufacturer – NSE
Your Trusted COB LED Display Manufacturer – NSE

At NSE, we offer COB LED displays in various sizes, pixel pitches, shapes, and other specifications. Our COB LED displays are recognized for their enhanced reliability, ultra-high contrast ratio, and outstanding visual performance.

Which is Better: SMD or COB LED Display?

SMD or Surface-Mounted Device package is a collection of discrete devices that are joined to a PCB board to create an LED light source.

On the other hand, COB is an integrated package. COB packaging technology achieves a larger viewing angle, high-intensity homogeneous light emission, and less light refraction loss.

Due to that, COB LED displays are better compared to SMD LED displays when it comes to brightness, efficiency, stability, and compactness.

What is COB LED Technology?

In the LED industry, COB or Chip On Board technology is one of the most advanced LED technologies. COB technology is an assembly process that includes mounting a number of diodes on a PCB (printed circuit board) or single substrate. COB LEDs can have nine or even more diodes. No matter how many diodes are used, only 2 contacts and 1 circuit are needed for this design.

There are three types of COB LEDs such as:

  • Front-mounted chip
  • Semi-flip chip
  • Flip chip
What are the Advantages of the Coating Technology?

The coating of COB LED displays has many advantages, including:

  • softer images
  • reduces glare, moiré, and light radiation while still displaying high clarity and fine image
  • gives ‘anti-properties’ and resistance such as anti-static, anti-collision, dust and water resistance
  • minimizes eye strain as a result of close-up and long-term viewing
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