Circular LED screen from Kazakhstan

The circular screen is a circle-shaped LED display customized to the site and customer requirements for text, picture, video and other information playback.
It is used in stage, studio, hotel, airport, street light advertising and other LED places, and can be made into both outdoor and indoor full-colour screen of customized sizes. The pixel pitch of the LED display has a difference on the display effect, and the higher the pixel density, the more detailed the image would be.

Circular LED screen from Kazakhstan
Round LED displays have begun to be used more and more widely.With product design solutions have become increasingly mature, there are more kinds of solutions available for users to choose to meet the requirements of different appliacation scenarios.
One is to use a conventional LED display module to show a round shape by hiding the extra part of the display, and then with the screen setted to achieve the effect of round display. The other way is to use the flexible led modules to put together a round display which is with better display effects.

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