Circle LED Screen P4mm vs P8mm

As we all know, there are many types of LED display screens, and different display screens have different functional emphases. This article mainly introduces NSE’s Circle LED screen.

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What are the features of the NSE circle-led screen?

1. Lightweight: The weight of both the P4mm Circle LED screen and the P8mm Circle LED screen does not exceed 10kg, which can save you a lot of costs for installation and transportation.
2. Ultra-thin screen body: The thickness of the NSE circle-led screen is 10cm, which can make the product look more refined and high-end.
3. 100% waterproof: IP65 waterproof system design, which means that the NSE circle led screen can be used outdoors with peace of mind, no matter on rainy days or other bad weather, it can continue to bring you advertising revenue.
4. Simple installation: because of its small size and lightweight. It can save you a lot of labor installation costs. At the same time, NSE will provide you with all the installation accessories you need to help you install it easily.
5. Double-sided design: NSE circle-led screen has a double-sided design. You can choose to play the same advertisement or different advertisements on both sides, helping you easily attract customers from different directions and display your advertising content in all directions.

What is the difference between P4mm Circle led screen and the P8mm LED circle screen?
  • Resolution: Different Resolution is one of the main differences between the P4mm and P8mm Circle LED screens. The resolution of the P4mm circle led display: is 104*104dots, and the resolution of the P8mm circle led display: is 64*64dots. So P4mm circle display will be clearer than the P8mm led display.
  • Brightness: Because P4mm lamp beads are denser and denser, naturally the brightness of P4mm will be higher than that of the P8mm circle screen. P4mm circle led display brightness: 4500nits, P8mm circle led display brightness: 5000nits
  • View distance: The view distance of the P4mm Circle led screen is between 4-100m and the view distance of the P8mm Circle led screen is between 8-100m. Users can choose according to their needs.
  • Weight: P8mm circle LED screen will be 1kg lighter than the P4mm circle LED screen (9.5kg)
  • Price: The higher the definition, the more expensive the price will be. So relatively speaking, the price of a P8mm circle LED screen will be cheaper.

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What are the applications of the NSE circle led screen?

LED circle display, because of its circle appearance and waterproof design, has attracted the attention and love of the majority of the catering industry and well-known brand investors. It is used to replace the round light cabinet, and you can change your special products at any time.

  • Restaurant: Most of the LED circle display screens are used in many restaurants. The picture size of a dish or a set meal can be displayed on the circle screen with a diameter of 60cm. It can display the special dishes and classic set meals in the store. Make a program and play it in a loop. Customers can know what the restaurant’s best-selling items are in the shortest time, helping customers who have difficulty in choosing to make a quick decision.
  • Beverage store: This place is also a place where many investors choose to use circle LED displays. The circle design is the same as the shape of the beverage tray served by the waiter. When the LED circle display shows the picture of the beverage, the customer will involuntarily see the image of the waiter bringing the beverage to himself on a circular tray. Can stimulate customer consumption.
  • Moreover, generally speaking, there will be a phone number on the outer circle of the LED circle display. This is a takeaway phone. You can place an order directly through the take-out phone without entering the store.
  • Well-known brands: The LED circle display is used in this place to display the brand LOGO. It is installed in an outdoor place. The display screen protrudes out of the building and stands out from the crowd of brand stores. Visually, it is the first to be focused on.
In conclusion:

The Circle led screen is a kind of outdoor LED display that is relatively cheap compared to other LED displays, so it is widely used outside small shops to display their logo or core products. In addition, the Circle led screen is also a product that replaces LED signs. Compared with led signs, Circle led screen can play videos and have other functions, so it is very popular among users.
NSE has had a large stock of Circle led screens for a long time, and like other LED products, it promises to provide a 2-year warranty. If your budget is limited but you want to carry out outdoor advertising, NSE suggests that you can choose Circle led screen, which can help you meet your long-term outdoor advertising needs with a very low budget.

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