Innovative and Creative Church Stage Design Ideas for Small and Large Churches

Christian churches originated in Roman Judea and they have since evolved in many ways. One element that has been preserved throughout is the church stage. This is a central space that traditional and modern churches use when the sermon leader is preaching. In this article, we share innovative and creative tips to transform the church stage.

Best Church Stage Design Ideas

Churches are designed to have a central primary point where the ordained church leader stands when delivering a sermon. This space is also used when other non-sermon issues are being conducted such as singing in choirs and church announcements. As a result, this space has to be large, well-equipped, and in a position to support all these activities. 

The church stage is also known as an ambulatory or a chancel while the whole enclosure is known as the sanctuary. When designing a church, the builder has to ensure that the space supports all the possible activities that can be carried out in this space. Let us explore some of the best church stage designs.

Ideas To Improve The Aesthetics Of The Stage

While the church stage is made primarily to support a certain functionality of the church, it should also help improve the interior decor of the building. Therefore, we will discuss some of the common ideas that can improve this aspect of the church.

Setting up Creative Backdrops

Backdrops are artistic renditions that are made to improve how a certain subject appears. In this case, the subject would be the church stage. You should not confuse a backdrop with a background since they are different. 

Creative backdrops for the church could be made from fabric, wallpaper, or a digital display. For digital backdrops, you can derive inspiration from these LED backdrop designs. To make this work, you have to ensure the backdrop design looks good enough for the church. 

Add LED Lights

Light-emitting diode (LED) lights are commonly used for aesthetic appeal. For one, they are programmable and bright, and they come in various colors. These aspects make them a considerable addition to a church stage. 

These lights can be used also for illuminating the altar or chancel. Since the church is mostly used during the day, these lights will not consume a lot of energy. It is a creative way to improve the appeal of a church stage.

Use Theme-based Colors

Different types of churches have different themes. In the context of church design, a theme is the central design philosophy. This philosophy specifies the colors, materials, and layout of all elements used in the design. 

You can choose one element such as color and focus on colors that follow a specific theme. This way, your church stage will not appear out of place. In other words, it will end up merging seamlessly with the rest of the church.

Use High-quality Furniture 

Furniture is another key element in a church stage. The choice of furniture pieces and materials will have a great impact on the aesthetics of the church stage. As a result, you should choose furniture that corresponds with the church stage you have envisioned. Ensure that the chairs, tables, and cabinets complement the whole stage.

Ideas to improve the functionality of the stage

The functionality of the church is also something that most people fail to consider when designing a church stage. This can result in something that looks good but does not function well. To avoid this, consider the following tips.

Install an LED Video Wall

An LED video wall is a standard element in most modern churches today. This device can be used for various purposes including broadcasting church and all that. This video wall has several features such as brightness, wide viewing angles, and longevity to ensure that the content displayed is highly visible to the congregants. 

Set up a Projector and a Screen 

Projectors are alternatives that can be used in place of an LED video wall. This technology uses light to project a beam carrying image information on a screen. These devices require a prerecorded message for them to work. This is different because LED video walls can be used to show live content.

Invest in High-quality Sound 

Sound is a critical element in a church. Particularly, large churches require capable sound systems to ensure audibility. For this to happen, you need to invest in high-quality sound systems. This includes speakers, amplifiers, and microphones. 

Additionally, the church stage needs to be designed in such a way that it does not interfere with the sound. In other words, you should ensure that the stage does not lead to sound loss or bounce-offs. Poorly designed church stages might lead to distorted voices.

Ensure The Design Is Flexible

There will come a time when you need to change the design of the church stage either slightly or completely. This will only be possible if your current design is flexible. A flexible design means you have room for adding or removing certain elements. This way, you can switch between themes to bring out different looks of the church stage.

Other Church Stage Design Ideas

Like most things, church stage designs cannot be limited to just a few designs. This means that there are many things you can add to your church stage and make it appear better.

For instance, you can decide to create a bespoke church stage design. This means that you get to choose every single element in that design. Also, there are inspired designs that you can borrow from existing designs. Such designs are fulfilling since you become involved in the whole ideation and design process.

What Determines The Design of The Church Stage

Many factors can influence the design of your church stage. Let us discuss the common factors and how they influence your decision.

Type of Church

Generally, Christian churches are divided into six main categories. These are Church of the East, Oriental Orthodoxy, Eastern Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, and Restorationism. Every church you see today has borrowed from one of these categories.

The reason why the type of church is a factor to consider when designing the church stage is that different churches have different types of church stages. Essentially, while some types have a laid-back design, others have a more pronounced design.

Size of The Church

The design of the church stage also needs to consider the size of the church. Typically a small church will have a small stage while large churches require large stages. This is done to ensure it is a proper space maximization. Therefore, ensure that your design aligns with the size of the church for an effective design.

Worship Style

There are different worship styles out there. Some churches use the stage for the choir, preacher, and announcements. Others limit the church stage to holy activities like the sermon style. All these differences have to be taken into account because they will influence the design of the church stage.

Preferences Of The Church Leadership 

The leadership of the church also has a say in the design of the church stage. For the most part, this committee is responsible for funding or managing resources required for building this church stage. As such, their input is valuable.


It would be unthinkable to go ahead with building a church stage without considering how much the whole project would cost. Especially, if you are planning to include items such as an LED video wall, you need a tight budget.

Moreover, a budget will help gauge and give you an idea of what would work for your church. In other words, it will either limit or make you flexible. Therefore, it would be wise to draw out a comprehensive budget beforehand.

Why Use LED Video Walls On A Church Stage?

LED video walls are almost a must-have for your church. Let us discuss some of the many reasons why this is the case.

Better Engagement for The Congregants 

Features of LED video walls such as wide viewing angles and high resolution ensure that the congregants are engaged in the church. This is true especially when the leader of the sermon is conducting the sermon. The bright images on the video wall will attract the attention of the audience, hence keeping them engaged.

It Can Be Used for Functions Other Than Sermons

An LED video wall can be used for various purposes. This means that apart from broadcasting the sermon, the device can be used for other functions of the church. This could include when there is a rally or other types of gathering in church. As you can see, the possibilities are endless, which makes an LED video invaluable.

Provides Visibility For The Whole Church 

For large churches, an LED video wall is quite essential. This is because everyone in the church can be able to see everything happening on the church stage regardless of where they are seated. This is another thing that contributes to more engagement in the church.

Modernizes The Church

In this digital age, LED video walls are improving the look and feel of spaces. To elaborate, an LED video wall is a statement that communicates digitization. The modern appeal of this device is unmatched. Large screens make a room feel and look modern. 


Investing in a better church stage design will automatically improve the interior decor of the church. This is because the church stage is the most noticeable space in the church since people usually face the stage. The ideas we have shared here are meant to improve the aesthetics and functionality of this space for the better.

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