8 Interactive Church Service Ideas for Engaging Sermons

Nowadays, most people expect to attend a church service that feels lively. They expect to dance, sing, engage, and air their views. All these are elements that lead to an engaging sermon. The church can ensure this by making the service interactive. This article explores interactive church service ideas that help congregants feel like part of the sermons.

What is an Interactive Church Service?

interactive church service

Before the idea of an interactive church service was adopted, the church used to be mundane, for lack of a better word. To elaborate, it used to be that the church was led by one person at the church stage who dictated everything for the congregation. This approach can lead to boredom and dull church service.

An interactive church service aims at changing the way sermons are delivered. In this regard, it seeks to be more inclusive, exciting, and diverse. This involves letting everyone contribute in their capacity.

However, an interactive church service does not replace the church leader. It only transforms them into the captain of the ship. To achieve this, there needs to be a radical change in almost all aspects of the church service delivery. As you will see from the church service ideas in this article, this is something that can be achieved quite easily.

Interactive Church Service Ideas

The following church service ideas have been tested by several churches and have proven to be effective at making the church more interactive.

Themed church service

In the context of a church service, a theme is a subject matter that is emulated throughout the service. It dictates the songs, the bible teachings, outfits, and everything else that will occur during the service.

A themed church service can lead to lots of interaction because there is a common denominator in the church. For one, the church-goers will be able to engage their neighbors easily since there is a conversation starter.

Some of the common themes that can work for churches include forgiveness, gratitude, and reflection. You will be able to curate the sermon around these themes since they are mostly virtues that Christianity teaches.

Artistic expressions by congregants

There is a common saying that goes; Faith without action is dead. This can be translated to mean that if are not proud of your faith, you are no good than the non-believers. Faith can be expressed through many ways, one of which is art.

One way that churchgoers can have a more interactive service is through expressing themselves through art. For one, art is quite diverse. On one hand, art can be expressed in drawings, words, garments, paintings, and so much more. The congregants can be compelled to try out something that works for them. This can have the effect of sparking conversation, thereby increasing interaction in the church.

Outdoor church service

Most people think of the church as the building where sermons are conducted. While this is correct, the scriptures also state that the church is in one’s heart. This means that the church service can be carried out anywhere without the bounds of the church compound. 

Outdoor church services are quite engaging. The church leader can organize an outdoor church if the weather is favorable. After the church service, the members can take part in bonding activities such as cleanups and so on. This will be an opportunity to create a better bond between the congregants. 

Online Church Service

online church service

Since the advent of COVID-19, most people have discovered that you do not need to meet physically for events. Church services can also be put in the same category of events. By using video conferencing software such as Zoom, church leaders can deliver a sermon from a remote location. This means that churchgoers do not have to leave their homes.

Online church services have always been in existence, but it wasn’t until recently that they gained more popularity. While being in a church setting has more impact than just joining virtually, this option can be used as the last resort. 

The best part is that this church service has the possibility of improving interactivity among the church members. Moreover, there is software that is dedicated to making the online church service even better. Altar is one such platform for online churches.

Hybrid Church Service

The term hybrid is used to describe something that blends multiple aspects into one. In the context of church service, we can refer to a service that is both on-site and online as a hybrid. This means that some people are attending the service in church, and others are attending from remote locations. 

This is already in practice. For instance, you might have seen those church services that are aired on television. As long as there are people watching live and others in the church, this service can be described as interactive. 

The aspect of interaction in this scenario comes from the fact that the sermon leader will be engaging two groups at the same time. Also, the members joining virtually will be able to communicate and take part in the church service.

Inviting Guest Speakers

Church services can be made more interactive by bringing in guest speakers who do not necessarily preach or deliver bible teachings. Growing spiritually incorporates more than just biblical teachings. 

Speakers are excellent at engaging crowds. Therefore, inviting them on or after a church service can work as a tool for improving interaction at the church. These guests can speak on several topics such as becoming a better community and virtues to uphold.

To make the sessions even more interactive, the church leader can instruct the guest speaker to engage the audience with trivia. Then, there can be rewards to encourage and improve the engagement level of the audience.

Interactive Church Sessions

Have you ever heard of a church session where the whole focus is on interaction? This is something that can be done in a bid to improve the morale of the churchgoers. As a result, this will make them look forward to more church services because they feel like part of something.

One way this can be achieved is by creating focus groups among the members. In these groups, the members can appoint a leader who will lead the discussion. This will make them get to know each other better which will ultimately lead to stronger bonds among members.

Taking Part in CSR Activities 

In society, the church is a symbol of community. Therefore, churches are expected to carry out charitable activities that benefit the surrounding communities. While CSR is meant for corporations, churches can also adopt the framework of these organizations and accomplish a lot. 

Some of the appropriate or most suitable CSR activities for the church include clean-ups, helping the less fortunate, and volunteering. Since these are avenues for social inclusion, the members become more in tune with each other. 

Benefits of An Interactive Church Service

When you think about it, the benefits of an interactive church service are endless. In a nutshell, there is expected growth in many aspects of the church as an organization, and individual growth as well. Let us discuss these benefits in detail.

Increased Engagement and Participation

In a church setting, participation is quite important. It motivates the church leader and reassures them that they are doing the right thing. This can only be realized if there is maximum interaction between the churchgoers. While these are the immediate benefits of an interactive church service, they also have secondary benefits to the church. 

Increased sense of belonging 

One of the major reasons why people fail to attend church services is because of the lack of a sense of belonging. The feeling of not being part of a group. By making a church more engaging, you can make these people feel more welcome and part of the group. 

When the churchgoer feels like part of the group, they are more likely to be active rather than a passive member. This means that they will be involved in activities carried out by the church past the church service. This is positive growth for the individual and the church.

More financial contribution opportunities 

Most churches raise funds for their projects from their congregants. For this to be possible, the church needs to have created a community of people who are committed to the church. This can only happen when there is interaction of members with themselves and the church. The members need to be motivated to contribute financially since they feel like part of the church.

Increased growth of the church 

Churches measure growth in many ways. One, the number of congregants that attend church services is an indicator of growth. Secondly, the tools and personnel that a church can acquire are also indicators of growth. Positive growth is quite encouraged in churches because when churches grow, they improve the community around them.

Need for better tools arises

The church leader requires tools to support their service delivery. Technology is one of the common tools used in churches for this support. 

When you look at most churches nowadays, the church stage is completely overhauled. There are large screens that act as backdrops or broadcasts, huge speakers, and other devices. These gadgets are all aimed at improving the design of the church stage and experience for the congregation.

Churches that have high engagement use LED video walls to keep the members engaged during the service. This is one of the many LED tools that we provide for churches to improve the design of their church stage. Learn more about LED video walls for churches.


Making a church service more interactive and engaging is not complicated. You just need to think out of the box and incorporate certain aspects that encourage collective effort. These church service ideas that we have shared have been tested by several churches and they have proven to be worthwhile. This is a guarantee that they could work for your church as well.

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