Brompton Technology: Top 14 LED Display Software

Brompton Technology led display software

Brompton Technology is one of the top market leaders in manufacturing and supplying LED video processing and control systems for live events, film, and television. It is famous for its innovative solutions that enhance the quality and capabilities of LED wall software in various industries, including entertainment, healthcare, and corporate enterprises.

One of Brompton Technology’s notable products is the Tessera processor systems, which consist of the Tessera SX40, Tessera S8, Tessera S4, and the Tessera TI. These processors offer high-quality image processing, color calibration, and seamless integration for LED wall display software, enabling users to achieve exceptional visual performance and accurate color reproduction.

Brompton Technology’s solutions also include distribution units and receiver cards that work hand in hand with the processors as support for even the biggest LED display projects. Here are Brompton’s three major Tessera LED display software and their features: 

Tessera Processors

Tessera Processors provides advanced visual display solutions for various LED screens, including one of the best screens for LED display boards (4k displays). Their premium features and technological innovations contribute to the advancement of LED board display software and the creation of captivating visual experiences. Tessera processors include;

  • Tessera SX40: This is the best 4k processor available on the market. It is used with Brompton’s XD distribution unit to provide a comprehensive LED display software solution for 4k screens.
  • Tessera S8: The Tessera S8 is a high-performance LED video processor designed for applications that don’t require a large output capacity but still need accurate color reproduction, precise image quality, and extensive control.
  • Tessera S4: The Tessera S4 is one of Brompton’s reliable and versatile LED video processors with powerful processing capabilities. Unlike the SX40, the S4 does not support large LED projects or 4k screens. But it offers a balance between performance and value for LED screen display software.
  • Tessera TI: The Tessera TI configuration consists of all of Brompton’s standard software functionalities. However, it is designed for LED wall display software accommodating smaller but creative shows, applications, and LED display projects.  

The key features of Tessera Processors include:

  • High Image Processing: The Tessera LED processors can maintain image quality and integrity even in fast-paced scenes because they are designed with a high level of image and video processing. 
  • Color Calibration: This software ensures the colors displayed on the LED screen are accurate and consistent across all viewing angles.  
  • Seamless Integration: The Tessera Processor can easily work with other components of a display system, such as LED panels, controllers, and content sources, to deliver a unified visual output without disruptions or visual artifacts.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control: Users can remotely monitor and control the Tessera Processor and the connected LED board display screens. It enables real-time monitoring of system performance, status, and issues and the ability to make adjustments and troubleshoot problems from a remote location.
  • The Tessera processor suite also has a user-friendly Interface.


The Brompton Technology’s Tessera processor series and other LED screen display software are widely used in XR studios, concerts, festivals, theater productions, and large-scale events. Their reliable and robust configuration increases their applications in both small and large LED display projects, making them one of the industry’s best software for LED display boards.

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