BrightSign: Top 14 LED Display Software

Brightsign led display software

With an illustrious legacy of millions of LED display software players sold, BrightSign sets the gold standard in reliability, security, ease of use, and performance, driving digital experiences that transcend expectations.

These players are revered worldwide for their unwavering performance. Its success story is woven from the threads of unmatched excellence—boasting reliability, rock-solid security, and a user-friendly interface. 

At the heart of BrightSign’s unparalleled offerings is the innovative BrightSignOS, a purpose-built operating system designed to revolutionize digital signage creation, authoring, publishing, and monitoring. BrightSign is the driving force behind a spectrum of LED panel display software solutions that transcend industries and applications. 

From video walls that command attention to Multi-Screen setups that captivate, interactive demos that engage, and Digital Signage that informs, to immersive 3D and audio experiences that transport audiences, BrightSign’s solutions set new benchmarks for innovation.

Here are BrightSign’s five major LED display software and their features:

BrightAuthor: Connected

BrightAuthor: connected is a next-generation authoring and management LED display board software application meticulously crafted for BrightSign-made LED Display Players. 

Key Features:

  • Multi-Platform Power that allows you to transition between Mac, Windows, and ChromeOS seamlessly. 
  • Effortless Player Setup for establishing BrightSign LED Display Players through Device Provisioning or publishing configuration files onto SD/microSD cards.
  • Streamlined Player Management for configuring your LED Display Monitor and troubleshooting your BrightSign Player using your network
  • Presentation Creation: Craft a diverse array of content, including video, images, audio, HTML, and text, breathing life into your narratives.
  • Flexible Publishing Possibilities: Distribute content effortlessly via, local networks, web folders, or the standalone microSD card method.

BrightAuthor User

BrightAuthor is a versatile LED display controller software application that allows you to design and publish captivating digital signage presentations across all BrightSign models. 

Key Features:

  • BrightAuthor user elevate your storytelling with an array of supported content types, from images and videos
  • Supports live video streaming and audio, 
  • BrightAuthor user supports HTML5 pages, 
  • Supports IP streaming audio/video, text, date, and time displays, 
  • RSS feeds, MRSS feeds, and Twitter feeds available 
  • Harness the power of BrightSign Network features, including Dynamic Playlists and Live Data feeds.

BrightSignOS: The Foundation of Excellence

Experience the epitome of digital signage with BrightSignOS™, the bedrock of BrightSign’s innovation. 

BrightSignOS boasts many features and improvements, some of which include:

  • Enhanced playback support to optimized behavior, ensuring your digital experiences remain at the forefront of innovation.
  • Exclusive Presentation within BrightSign players, 
  • BrightSignOS is the pinnacle of reliability, security, maintainability, and scalability. 
  • It’s not just an operating system; it’s a statement of excellence. 
  • Available on both Mac and Windows, 


BrightSign boasts a horizon of possibilities expanding as the world of digital signage and LED display control software evolves. With BrightSign, you can dive into a world where LED display software transcends the ordinary, propelling your narratives to new dimensions of engagement and impact. BrightSign unlock a future where your visual stories shine brighter than ever.

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