30 Creative Billboard Advertising Ideas and Tips

Billboard advertising is among the most effective forms of outdoor or out-of-home advertising (OOH). However, for a billboard to be effective, it must attract the attention of passersby. One way to achieve this is by using creativity when designing billboard ads. To help you get started, here are brilliant billboard advertising ideas you can try.

Artistic billboard advertising ideas

Humans tend to naturally admire artistic depictions. In fact, there is a high likelihood that they will remember the art if it resonates with them. You can use this logic to create memorable billboard adverts. The following are practical examples.

Optical illusions

An optical illusion is a way to creatively trick the eye to see a different perspective of something. Illusion is captivating because it makes the viewer question reality. Since the brain naturally loves puzzles, an optical illusion is a grand idea for an advert.

Optical illusions can be used in a variety of ways in advertising. This can be achieved using ways such as;

  • Creating illusions of depth or movement 
  • Creating a surprise or shock
  • Creating unusual visual effects

The illusion used should take into consideration factors like your branding, the type of advert, and the target audience. A mismatch might lead to a failed attempt at effectively advertising the products or services. 

Shadow effects

Shadows are common elements of art. They create a sense of depth in text, images, and other graphics. This can amplify an advert and make it more legible. Graphic designers have numerous tools used to create shadow effects for billboard advertisements. 

There are several things you need to keep in mind before utilizing shadow effects for your next billboard ad. To start with, you need to ensure the message will be communicated if the advert has a shadow effect. The other thing is to avoid overdoing it. Shadows can create a cluttered visual, and this goes against the principle of simplicity in design.


The creative use of typefaces and fonts is called typography. Chances are that your branding already uses various styles of artistic fonts. Typography gives identity to bare words and creates an appealing visual.

Follow the following guidelines if you set out to create a creative billboard advert using artistic typography;

  • Use large fonts
  • Add shadows to text
  • Create custom fonts 

Large fonts make the advert more legible from long distances and shadows make the messaging more dominant. On the other hand, custom fonts show personality.

LED Murals

Safety Guaranteed Truck LED Display

Murals are large artistic canvases displayed mostly in public places. They are considered conventional art forms that are used in exhibitions or museums. However, modern art has adopted mural art for commercial purposes. LED technology has helped modern artists create mesmerizing murals.

One common way to use murals to create artistic adverts is by projecting graphics on an LED display or signage. Of course, this will depend on the advert message or intention since not everything would be appropriate for a mural.

Abstract Elements

Instead of using concrete graphics for your advert, you can try abstract concepts to create an artistic billboard advertisement. Abstract elements are as eye-catching as optical illusions since they have a sense of wonder.

The following is a practical tip on how to implement abstract concepts to create artistic billboard adverts;

  • Choose the right abstract elements. You have many options to choose from. They include abstract lines, textures, and colors. Choose the one that is most suitable based on the type of advert.

Other than that, you can create effects like mystery and motion using abstract elements and create a visually-striking advert.

Custom Art 

The best part about creativity is having to try out hunches and experimenting with ideas you haven’t explored before. Part of that can involve making bespoke art. The making of custom art takes into consideration original specifications. This means the art will be unique to your business.

Some custom art ideas you can try for artistic billboard ads include

  • Surreal imagery creates a dreamy atmosphere
  • Using inspiration from pop or retro art create colorful adverts

When used with your branding guidelines, these ideas can produce custom art that resonates with your audience. Custom art is especially recommended for summer seasons when people are in a jolly and outgoing mood.

Inspired Art

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Art can be inspired by many things. This approach to creating art results in relatable creations that draw people in. More so, people are likely to engage with things that look familiar or relatable to them.

While the goal of inspired art is to create inspired art, this approach also has significant implications for your marketing. Inspired art leads to; 

  • Inviting more engagement from customers
  • Sharability of your content which leads to customer advocacy 
  • Deeper connections from fans of a certain type of art

Those are some of the expectations you should have when using inspired art.

Unusual billboards

The idea of something being unusual sounds frightening. However, in business, you must be willing to be decisive. This attitude is especially important for brands that dare to be different and change the narrative.

Unusual billboard advertising ideas can be anything conceivable. As long as it is practical and sensible. Another thing is that this idea is best utilized in the awareness stage of your marketing funnel. This stage creates momentum for the advertisement campaign.

Some ways you can implement unusual billboard adverts include; mounting billboards in unique locations and merging with foreign elements. These approaches are guaranteed to cause an element of novelty and create lasting memories.

Minimalistic Designs

Minimalism is art. It is the act of using elements of design to evoke simplism and minimal use of space. The main characteristics of minimalism are the use of sharp edges and shapes, straight geometry, and lots of negative space.

This style of art is used mostly by luxurious brands. If you are in that category or want to create a sense of opulence, try minimalist billboard advert designs. Use geometric sans serifs, lots of plain colors, and generous space between design elements to achieve a minimalist design.

Theme-Based Billboard Adverts

If you are looking for an effortless way to make creative billboard ads, try following the current theme or trend. Remember the goal of artistic adverts is to create a lasting impression that has the potential to be remembered.

Here are a few tips to create memorable theme-based adverts;

  • Use colors that correspond to a certain holiday like Christmas or Halloween
  • Advertise discounts during major sales of the year like Black Fridays 
  • Create billboards for upcoming events

These methods have the capability of garnering huge traffic to your online channels since people are usually on the lookout for deals.

Interactive Billboard Advertising Ideas

There are several ways to accomplish interactivity with a billboard. The idea of interactive means people can interact with the advert on a billboard. This interaction can exist in various forms. Let us look at interactive billboard adverts ideas to clarify.

3D Billboards

Over the last few years, 3D billboards have been an attraction in major cities around the world. These billboards capitalize on optical illusion to create an immersive image that has a sense of three dimension view. 

These billboards make an image pop and seem like it’s coming out of the screen. They are more of an improved version of screen display ads. 3D billboards can be used to advertise products that require a holistic view to appreciate them. For the best outcome with 3D billboard adverts; use quality graphics and compelling animations.

Social Media Billboards

It is common thing to find large displays at business premises broadcasting various types of content. Marketing departments are taking advantage of this phenomenon to display social media content on those screens. 

This is quite a strategic initiative that can be used for marketing. User-generated content is a way that businesses compel their audience to market on their behalf. This is done using tactics like;

  • Social media endorsements
  • Customer reviews
  • Video content
  • Community engagement 

Marketing teams then compile this content and display them on billboards. The effect it has is convincing onlookers. In other words, people fear missing out.

Mobile Interaction

Mobile devices that can communicate with billboards create an interactive and engaging medium opportunity to advertise. This control can take several forms. For instance, users can have the capability to change the display on a billboard.

Another way of using mobile advertisement is by using a cross-border whereby billboard adverts also show on mobile devices. This ensures enough reach which increases the interaction and eventually the conversion rate.

Gesture-Controlled Billboards

NSELED P3 Outdoor Digital LED Poster Displayed on Viscom Italia

People love being in control. You can give them this power by incorporating gestures into billboards if your budget allows for it. They will be empowered when they try engaging with the adverts, which in return promotes brand recall.

Some gestures that are relevant for billboard adverts include;

  • Ability to change the display with a swipe action
  • Pointing to enlarge or single out an image or text
  • Gesturing with computer-generated subjects

All these ideas create an immersive and unforgettable experience for your audience. As a result, they are likely to get curious about your business and probably become your customers down the line.

QR Code Billboards

Businesses are storing retrievable information in QR codes and using it in billboard adverts to direct interested customers to online destinations. A QR code is a machine-readable object that has a specific pattern based on what information it carries.

If you want to have a chance at effectively advertising with QR codes, you will have to be creative. This includes making the QR playful, and colorful, and matching your branding. For instance, you can customize a QR code to look like your logo and use creative copywriting to nudge prospects to scan it with their devices. 

Gamified Billboards

Gamification is the use of game elements to make a mundane process seem less boring and more like a game. This approach works since game elements have a sense of engagement and outcomes. 

Billboards can capitalize on gamification to attract especially young and savvy audiences to your business offerings. The following elements of a game can make an advert more interactive;

  • Adding challenges where people complete tasks 
  • Rewarding people that accomplish milestones 
  • Leaderboards for people who break a certain record

When this is merged with marketing content, it has the potential to convert a lot of traffic to qualified leads for your business.

Billboards With Sensors

Rigging billboards with sensors will make them more interactive. Sensors such as motion and proximity sensors can be used to detect people approaching. The detection can then be linked with programs that react based on the detection. For instance, a billboard can be triggered to welcome the person approaching, offer to help them, and so on.

These actions create an interactive engagement medium for people who are mesmerized by technology. Interactive billboards do more than just entertain and inform interested customers. They also collect data that your team can analyze and find insights to improve the next advertisement campaign. 

Holographic Billboards

Holograms are quite an eyesore. This technology uses light to project a three-dimensional image. Holographic billboards are created in the same format where the billboard is projected using an interface.

This technology can be expensive in terms of resources like setup, personnel, and energy consumption. Therefore, if your advertising budget can cover these expenses, you can try this idea. Besides, the benefits and interaction created will prove to be worth the investment. 

XR Billboards

XR (extended reality) involves immersive technologies such as mixed reality, virtual reality, and augmented reality. Billboards can use these technologies to create an interactive adventure for your customers.

The three types of XR technologies can be incorporated into digital billboard displays such as LED signages in many ways. For instance, virtual reality headsets can be used to enable customers to interact with products in three dimensions. 

Blending the digital and real world to bring real-life objects to life will enable customers to experience your products in a special way. This is likely to indulge them and make them yearn for more similar experiences.

Interactive Bulletins 

Bulletins are effective at advertising. You can install LED signage at your storefront and use it to display bulletins targeted at your customers. Interactive elements can then be added to the bulletins to make them more alluring.

Here are some tips to make advertisement bulletins more interactive

  • Use a lot of imagery
  • Use bright colors for attention
  • Use animated content for motion

Visualization is interactive because it keeps the eye busy rather than tying it to ordinary elements like bare text. 

Targeted Messaging Billboard Advertising Ideas

Trailer LED digital Screen

Forms of marketing messaging that are produced with the intention to communicate to a specific group are called targeted messaging. This marketing technique is quite effective, primarily in online channels. Likewise, it can be recreated for offline channels such as billboards and effectively reach wide audiences. Here are some examples:

Educational Campaigns

Advertisement does not have to be aimed at selling. Educating your target audience is also a great way to indirectly advertise yourself. The aims of such approaches are to gain consumer trust, spread awareness, and give back to society.

If this sounds like something applicable to your industry, try seeking to understand what your consumers want to know and answer them. Then plan an educational campaign that is appropriate for billboards. 

Seasonal Campaigns

Depending on what you deal in, there are particular seasons when you know your products or services tend to be in high demand. If that’s the case, you can plan targeted adverts for your customers to persuade them to buy. This is good practice since seasons are guaranteed and so is your sales.

Successful seasonal campaigns need to be strategic. This is because competition is usually high. As such, you should try to avoid cliche marketing and develop unique ideas that let your targeted customer know you are different. 

Emotional Appeal Advertising

Marketing is all about tapping into various emotions. Whether it’s fear, joy, sadness, or other emotions, you can use adverts to amplify these feelings. But ensure that you are considerate since emotional manipulation can have adverse effects on your business. In other words, focus on creating positive rather than negative emotions.

Some ways you can evoke emotion with billboard advertisements include;

  • Utilize happy faces in advert posters to show that your product leads to delightful outcomes
  • Use happy pets to show pet owners that your pet business is pet-friendly

These visual cues are effective in appealing to people that your business will transform their emotional state.

Contextual Advertising

Have you ever seen an advert that was so helpful to you? That is what contextual advertising is about. It involves crafting adverts based on a premeditated context. Doing so has the potential to effortlessly reach the right group of people.

For instance, you can place billboards in specific locations where you know that a certain demographic of people frequents. More specifically, this can include mounting car rental adverts in an airport, for example. These billboards are likely to be seen by people looking to rent cars, hence achieving the targeted messaging principle.


Floor standing LED Poster

Fundamentally, dayparting is considered an online PPC advertising tactic. However, digital signage can be used as billboard advertising to replicate the concept. Essentially, day parting is where adverts are scheduled to appear during specific times of the day.

For a dayparting strategy to be efficient, there has to be a lot of planning. You have to plan these schedules based on expected viewership and feasibility. Otherwise, the whole idea would not be suitable. For instance, it would not make sense to advertise beer during the morning — you get the point.


This is a more advanced tactic for targeting customers where a virtual perimeter is designed and adverts are created for that location. Geofencing is effective since it uses advanced analysis to pinpoint where the advert is needed. 

One way to actualize this billboard advertisement idea is by using mobile LED signage or displays in moving trucks. Your marketing teams can hire large LED screens and create ads for a particular town. This could be a huge opportunity to serve an underserved community or introduce yourself in a new locality.

Awareness Billboards

The best types of adverts are informational. This is because doing so takes the focus from your business to the customer. Resultantly, the customer feels appreciated. One way to do this is with awareness billboards

Awareness billboards work for new brands that are breaking into a particular market, raising concerns about issues, and passing along information. Practical examples of awareness adverts include;

  • Public service announcements (PSAs)
  • Charity awareness campaigns
  • CSR and social cause activities advertisements

These types of billboard adverts have the potential to reach a targetted audience especially when other tactics like geofencing are used alongside them.

Programmatic Advertisement Billboards

It’s no surprise that advertisement techniques that were originally meant for online channels have been adopted for Digital Out of Home (DOOH). This is primarily because digital billboards have replaced their traditional counterparts. Programmatic advertisement is one of the types of online ad techniques popular in DOOH.

This technique applies personalization principles to target a specific audience with advertisements. Technically, demographic data is analyzed, and insights about a certain group of people are used to come up with adverts.

Celebrity Advertising

30 Creative Billboard Advertising Ideas and Tips

Celebrity advertising, otherwise known as influencer marketing, is an effective strategy that you can use to target a particular group of people. This is because celebrities are often popular among the masses and they influence buying decisions of their fans

This form of marketing works because people trust their celebrities and hence they are likely to follow their recommendations. If you want to succeed at celebrity adverts, make sure the celebrity resonates with your target audience. Also, make sure you both share the same values. This will promote high conversion and smooth working relationships.

Place-Based Billboards

On top of geofencing or targeting a particular location, these billboard adverting ideas narrow down to a precise place. As an example, a billboard can be placed in a stairway inside a mall rather than at the entrance. 

Other examples of place-based advertisement include;

  • Point of sale adverts
  • Stadium billboard ads
  • Cinema adverts
  • Conference adverts

All these types of billboards will be catering to a specific group of people with similar interests. This is effective since it will most likely reach the right audience.


Having multiple choices to pick from is healthy in business. It helps you narrow down your choices based on requirements that align with your standards. Granted, this can be applied when choosing a billboard adverting idea for your next campaign. To save time, consider using our collection of ideas above as a benchmark. 

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