Big LED Screen Manufacturer in China

NSE offers all types of big LED screen for indoor/outdoor uses. Each screen has competitive rates, creative, and durable designs. All are high-quality display solutions to meet your exact needs.

  • Full range of outdoor screens passed the anti-UV test, corrosion test, and waterproof test
  • Customized services offered
  • Releases high-quality videos/images
  • Long-lifespan, energy-efficient

NSE Big LED Screen

Big LED screens deliver commercial-grade, direct-view, and excellent performances. These custom screens have pixel pitches from 0.6mm – 20mm. They are widely used for on-camera, remote control displays, cinema applications, sports venue video boards, and more large venues.

If you are in the LED display industry, whether you’re a distributor, retailer, or wholesaler, our big LED screens are a must-have. Here at NSE, you will get the best, high-resolution screens.

Please leave us a message if you need them for your projects!

Magic Stage LED Screen

Magic stage LED screens are screens used as stadium screens and sky backdrop curtains for both outdoor and indoor applications. It came with creative shapes.

Indoor Big LED Screen

Indoor LED screens are wide-format monitors relying on LED technology. They are capable of playing static images and video formats. Best use for supermarkets.

Outdoor Big LED Screen

Outdoor LED screens are huge billboards made to exhibit advertising pictures, videos, and more. Because of their modular setup, they can be implanted in any outdoor space.

High Definition Big Screen

High definition screens have no bezels but provide smooth, saturated colors and visual experience. Their brightness allows them to use billboards and shop signs.

Glass LED Screen

Glass LED screens, also known as transparent LED display screens are known for their thin, light, easy-to-install, and durable construction. These screens supply great transparency effects.

curtain led display

LED Outdoor Curtain display is easy to install and highly transparent. It will not affect the outdoor sunlight into the building, and people can easily see the outdoor scenery without visual barriers.

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Big LED Screen Benefits


We produce big LED screens with ultra-thin features. As a result, they are convenient and can be installed without hassle.


Although huge in size, still these customized LED screens are lightweight. They are ideal solutions for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Less Expensive
Less Expensive

All the big LED screens we offer have great quality yet are affordable. They are durable and used in many commercial display applications.


Our seamless LED displays such as big LED screens are used as outdoor billboards, shop signs, and more. 100% quality construction.

Direct-View Displays

NSE big LED screens are known as direct displays because LED emitters that comprise the display pixel generate their own light and can thus be viewed directly. They are much clearer than any other LED display (ranging from 1000nit to 10,000 nit). Its brightness aids clarity when these screens are located in open-air areas which may be viewed in direct sun.

These custom screens deliver excellent contrast from traditional LCD displays. All direct-view displays, by providing pixel-by-pixel image control, can provide superior dynamic range while using less power than LCD. They are durable enough for many large-format installations and are way cheaper.

Direct-View Displays
NSE Custom Services

NSE Custom Services

Big LED Screen developments will have varying requirements. And as a leading producer, NSE offers customized solutions for your specific LED display applications. The stages and methods for customizing your big LED screens are outlined below.

  1. Collaborating
  2. Crafting, both analytical and problem-solving
  3. Drawing process
  4. Formation and assembly
  5. Installation assistance

Why Choose NSE Big LED Screens

Choose NSE to assist you in finding the right LED screens for your application fields. Different big LED screen specifications, such as sizes, shapes, types, and pixel pitch can be specially designed. As a result, you’ll be able to achieve your desired display effects. To provide you with a specific customized LED screen solution, we also consider various factors such as your target market, the essence of the application/event, and setup areas.

NSE team will provide you with excellent installation so that we can assist your business growing. And apart from that, we can personalize each LED screen with your corporate logo to attract consumers’ attention. Collaborate with us today!

Why Choose NSE to Custom Your Big LED Screens

NSE – Trusted Big LED Display Supplier

Custom SMD Screen
NSE- Reliable Big LED Screen Supplier

For the past 12 years, NSE has been a competent manufacturer of big LED screens. We offer a comprehensive selection ranging from indoor screens to outdoor, and rental big screens. Because of their clear display, wide viewing edges, superb performance, and good visibility, they can provide viewers with a fantastic visual experience. They also have a variety of installation options (e.g. wall mount, standing, or hanging).

All we offer can be tailored to meet your needs. Send us your specifications, such as pixel pitch range, resolution, maximum viewing distance, size, thickness, and so on. They are covered with a 2-year warranty, made in accordance with RoHS/FCC/CE/ISO standards.

Send us your inquiries today!

NSE Big LED Screen


NSE big LED screens are known as the most reliable large-format LED displays. They offer features and benefits such as the following.

  • Weatherproof (protected from sunlight, cold, harsh weather, heat)
  • Colorful, bright images/videos in both day and night
  • Low operational cost
  • Economical solution
  • High durability
  • Excellent visual quality
  • Adjustable brightness setting
  • Long lifespan
  • Sizing flexibility
  • Seamless presentation
  • Attention-grabbing ability
  • Broad viewing angle

Another significant point is the wide range of applications for big LED screens, which are notable for their adaptability. We’ve listed their few applications below.

Shopping malls As a high-traffic area, the shopping mall has an outdoor big LED screen that can use the current traffic to create advertising revenues and to provide the shopping mall’s brand fashion.

Advertising firms Ad firms will have a wide range of marketing commodities to choose from. To attract traffic instantly, our big LED screens can play a variety of video content.

Transportation system Numerous people pass through these transport hubs, such as roadways, airlines, and train stations. This is the ideal place to promote well-known brands.

Custom LED Screen for Multiple Projects

3D LED Displays Features

Otudoor 3D Big LED Screen are huge billboards designed to show promotions, videos, and other content. Because of their modular assembly system, they can be installed in any open field (e.g. shopping malls, commercial public streets, and much more).

Giant LED Billboards

Indoor Curved Big LED Screen are commonly installed in shopping centers, hotel lobbies, retail outlets, etc. They have portable designs, with flexible size, great visibility, versatility, and seamless connection.

cemery led display

Thin Big LED Screen have thinner and lighter weights. They use less energy and time-saving. These screens also deliver bright picture quality. Best used in worship areas, meeting rooms, fashion shops, shop window promotion, airlines, and more.

P8 LED Display for Large Stadiums

The LED perimeter LED Display is a versatile display designed for use in any sport, from soccer or rugby to cricket or basketball. A high refresh rate, excellent contrast ratio, and low power consumption provide a rich business model for any size sports venue.

Leading Big LED Screen Manufacturer
Leading Big LED Screen Manufacturer in China

NSE offers a variety of big LED screens with extraordinary image resolution and a great viewing angle. We serve clients worldwide and provide ODM and OEM services to meet your business needs.

  • “NSE is an incredible supplier to collaborate with.” They truly provide stress-free after-sales and pre-sales care. And apart from that, their big LED screens are of top standard and long-lasting.”

  • “I’m so glad I discovered NSE!” They provide excellent service. We requested LED screens from them, which were all modified to my specifications. We also checked the screens, and they operate admirably.”

  • “We are very pleased with NSE services and high-quality big LED screens! They are very attentive to my queries, and NSE also dealt with our transaction quite well.”

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