How Much Does A Basketball Scoreboard Cost?

Scoreboards are a standard part of every basketball game. Keeping the audience engaged on what the current standings of the game are has become more than just something that officials can do, especially in an age where digitization makes everything better. 

So, it shouldn’t be surprising to see arenas with beautiful LED scoreboards. However, how much do they cost? We’ll break down everything you need to know about the prices of these tools in this article.  

What Are LED Scoreboards & How Do They Work?

Before we dive into the cost estimate for these devices, it might be worth understanding what they are and why they are so prominent. 

An Introduction To LED Scoreboards

The LED scoreboard is pretty much self-explanatory – this is a device that is used in basketball courts and other sporting arenas, and which helps to provide information about the current standings of games being played.

Who’s leading? What’s the home team? What are the current game stats? Any fun facts about the contest? Information like these – and much more – can easily be displayed on a LED scoreboard for everyone to see.  

The focus of these scoreboards is simple – to provide accurate readings and information for everyone to see and to ensure that the viewers of the game are as engaged as possible. And, with their use of LED technology, LED basketball scoreboards are incredibly impressive on several levels. 

For a LED scoreboard to work, it will need to have some impressive features. These include: 

  • LED Modules: When you have Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) arranged in a set, they form a LED module. These modules are crucial to the function of the lights.
  • Primary LED Panels: Any LED technology will need to have LED panels. And, LED scoreboards don’t break that trend. Their panels carry the modules, and they are arranged in a grid. Plus, you can find them in different resolutions and sizes. 
  • A Control Mechanism: To essentially act as the brains of the LED basketball scoreboard, you have the control system. This system focuses on processing input signals, while also controlling the way the LEDs can share information. 
  • Access To Electricity: There will be no LED operation without an adequate power supply. When electricity is fired to the LEDs, they immediately light up, sharing the information that you need to display directly. 
  • Enclosures For Protection: If your basketball court is in an open place, then you might need a cabinet or some sort of enclosure to protect your scoreboard from elements of the weather. 
  • Heat Handling Mechanisms: Like other LED technologies, scoreboards also generate heat whenever they operate. So, it is important to have structures and components that help them to handle this heat well. 
  • The Front-Facing Interface: Besides the control system, there’s also a front-facing interface that is needed if you ever need to control the display and make any tweaks that you deem necessary.

How LED Scoreboards Differ From Traditional Scoreboards

So, you might be considering your options and whether it is really worth it to get an LED scoreboard for basketball. After all, some people prefer traditional scoreboards, and they tend to work well. That said, what are the actual differences between these two? 

The Technologies Powering Them 

It’s impossible to talk about the differences between LED scoreboards and traditional scoreboards without first considering the technologies behind them. 

LED scoreboards work with LED technology, which is known to be effective and still energy-efficient at the same time. This compares favorably to traditional scoreboards, which work with fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs that might not be able to show the same level of brightness and content quality. 

How Flexible Are They? 

With LED basketball scoreboards, you get a display option that can show different types of content. You can show present scores, specific players and their stats, share ads for sponsors, and much more. Get your content, customize it, and share it in real-time. 

On the other hand, traditional scoreboards are mostly limited to just the current scores and other basic forms of information. 

Conserving Energy With 

As we explained earlier, LED displays are quite energy-efficient. They don’t consume more power, but they still offer more features than traditional LEDs. Overall, this is one of the major differences between the two. 

Which Option Lasts Long

Once again, LED scoreboards get the win here. They are usually more durable, and this means that you will most likely be able to use them for longer. With their solid-state nature, LED panels can easily hold off on impact and vibrations. And, as long as you protect them from the elements, you shouldn’t have much to worry about. 

Seeing Content From Wherever You Are

A notable difference between the two options also lies in the fact that LED scoreboards provide higher levels of visibility regardless of the lighting conditions. Even when the sun is at its highest and you’re using your scoreboard at an outdoor court, you can see all the information. 

Simply put, traditional scoreboards can’t do that.

Factors Influencing Upfront LED Basketball Scoreboard Costs

Now that we understand the reason why LED scoreboards for basketball are so notable, let’s dive into the cost estimates and a few major factors that tend to affect pricing for these products: 

A Bigger Screen Will Cost More

As you would expect, size plays a major factor in determining the cost of an LED basketball scoreboard. With a larger screen, you should expect to spend more money. Also, higher-resolution screens tend to command a heftier price tag – something else to consider. 

The Board’s Pixel Pitch

You might not be familiar with pixel pitch, but it considers the distance between each pixel on an LED. When the pixel pitch is smaller, you get better image quality and resolution. But, as you would imagine, this only means that you’d need to pay more.

Your Ability To Customize

These days, operators want LED scoreboards that they can easily customize. You want to add things like branding, custom colors, designs, and more. Scoreboards that can support this will understandably cost more.

Additional Features

Some advanced LED scoreboards feature even better functionalities – from improved color accuracy to higher refresh rates and better brightness. Then, we need to consider things like touchscreen capabilities and interaction. 

All of these added features are great, but they add to the cost of the scoreboard. 

Consider The Manufacturers’ Markups 

As you would imagine, different brands and manufacturers make LED basketball scoreboards today. As a result, these brands have their markups to prices that you need to consider. 

Remember – the fact that a product is cheaper doesn’t necessarily make it a better choice for you. You need to consider what you need and how the available options serve you.

Weather-Resistant Capabilities

Some scoreboards are built to be operated outside, thanks to their weather resistance and ability to hold their own against wind and rain. This feature comes in handy for sure, but it means that you’ll need to shell out more money for the scoreboard. 

Moving The Scoreboard To You

Besides the upfront cost of the scoreboard, you also need to consider the costs incurred in moving it from the manufacturer to your location. 

In most cases, this logistical cost is added to the manufacturer’s markup. However, some manufacturers allow you to use custom logistical solutions to move the scoreboard to your location.

Cost Breakdown: Are LED Basketball Scoreboards More Expensive Than Others?

If you’re looking to get a scoreboard, it’ll help to get a proper handle on how much you should expect to pay. You can’t check around different courts without seeing different scoreboards. And, these boards tend to come in different formats and types. So, you shouldn’t be surprised if you find different cost estimates too. 

The Usual Price Ranges For Most Scoreboards 

Electronic Scoreboards

We’re focusing on LED scoreboards, and these boards fall under the” electronic” category. Thanks to the advent of LED scoreboards, this entire category has seen a considerable leap in popularity. And as an extension, the prices have also surged considerably. 

Today, you can find these scoreboards anywhere between $4,000 and $750,000. Some incredibly advanced options could cost even more, so you need to factor in the needs you have and the features that your scoreboard needs to have when making a decision.  

Traditional Scoreboards

The traditional scoreboards have pretty much become relatively obsolete. So, the demand for them isn’t so high. With this glut in popularity, we’ve also seen a drop in price pegs. Today, these scoreboards go for anywhere around $10,000. 

That said, there are a few premium options available that can be more expensive. So, you want to keep an eye out for those. 

Custom Scoreboards

For this category, you have a bit of a finicky pick. These scoreboards tend to be more advanced than the other options you see, with more custom features that are designed to help you improve your audience’s experience. 

As such, the prices tend to be higher too. If you want one of these boards, you should be ready to fork out anything around $50,000 in price for a start. There’s no upper limit for these scoreboards per se, so you need to consider the features and the pricing for the scoreboard placed by the manufacturer. 

Tips for Budgeting and Decision-Making

When making a purchase for an LED scoreboard, you need to ensure that you have the right mindset and can save as much money as possible. With that in mind, consider some of the following tips as you go ahead: 

Know What You Need First

Before you even get ahead to purchasing a scoreboard, you need to understand what you need. So, assess your requirements and move ahead. 

Remember that additional features tend to increase the cost profile. So, the more advanced features you need, the more you will most likely need to pay for the scoreboard.  

Don’t Limit Yourself To One Supplier

The beauty of LED scoreboards is that a lot of people already sell them. So, don’t be afraid to shop for quotes. At the end of the day, we all try our best to optimize costs. And if you see a vendor who’s ready to sell at  your price point, then you should at least look at what they’re offering and see if it’ll work for you. 

Don’t Focus On Now Alone 

One of the biggest mistakes that buyers tend to have is that they can fall into the trap of thinking about now alone. 

Remember that scoreboards are usually a long-term investment. Even if you don’t use them for long, you could rent them out and earn money from them. So, think about what you’d need now, as well as the needs of any possible future applications. You’ll probably need to pay more, but the fact that you’ll be getting more utility should be a plus for you.

Be Careful With Suppliers

We pointed out earlier that a lot of producers and manufacturers would want to add their markups. So, once again, remember to shop around to make sure that you’re not being put at a disadvantage. 

Additional Expenses To Consider For LED Basketball Scoreboards

Now, the upfront cost that you will need to pay to get a LED scoreboard can be extensive. But, in many cases, this isn’t the only cost that tends to be incurred when you’re trying to have your board installed. Here is a breakdown of a few other costs you might want to keep in mind as you make your choice:

Complex Installation Processes

Not all LED scoreboards are installed the same way. For some boards, the installation processes tend to be considerably more complex, even involving professionals and additional steps. 

The more complex the installation process, the more you should expect to pay overall. 

Integrated Boards For Larger Requirements

There are some cases when you would need to integrate your scoreboard with other systems. These are things like timing systems, scoring software, custom video feeds, and more. When you need this, you’d have to pay additional integration expenses along with your fee.

The Cost Of Compliance 

LED technologies are heavily regulated. And to ensure compliance with the laws and local standards, you would need to add safety features, get your scoreboard certified for eco-friendliness, and more. All of these tend to add to your overall cost.

General Maintenance

Every LED scoreboard needs to be maintained. In fact, it’s a general recommendation to have a maintenance schedule available that essentially allows you to keep tabs on the performance of your scoreboard. 

This maintenance checks everything from the electrical connections to the brightness of the scoreboard itself. And, as you can imagine, it’ll cost money to ensure proper maintenance. 

Setting And Downloading Upgrades 

A scoreboard needs a software to operate. And as you would imagine, this software needs to be upgraded as time goes on. You’ll need to reach out to a professional to handle this upgrade, and that in itself will cost money too.


LED scoreboards have become the standard when it comes to basketball. And if you’re looking to build a court, then there’s no doubt you’d need one for yourself too. 

That said, you also need to be aware of the cost and possible factors that can help you save money. At NSE LED Cloud, you can always reach out to us for any assistance you need in this regard.

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