Barco: Top 14 LED Display Software

Barco led display software

Barco was founded in 1934 and is a global technology leader, popular for its innovative solutions in visualization and collaboration. The company specializes in developing advanced LED wall software solutions for three main industries: entertainment, healthcare, and enterprise. 

Initially, the founder, Lucien de Puydt, was a United States imported radio parts assembler.  Barco has experienced significant growth in the last seven decades and offers various products that improve communication and immersive viewing experience. These products include high-quality projectors, controllers, virtual classrooms, and LED video walls. 

Barco prioritizes LED screen display software research and development. This strong focus led to manufacturing some of the best visualization facilitators, and Barco has established itself as a prominent player in the visual technology market. Here are some of Barco’s software and their features.

Barco’s Control Room Software Suite

The company offers a range of software suitable for big and small entertainment, medical, and enterprise uses. Barco’s suite of control room software includes Barco CTRL, OpSpace, SecureStream, and TransForm N CMS. 

Barco CTRL

The Barco CTRL is a secure, scalable, and innovative LED screen configuration software that simplifies the complexities of visual conferencing, workflows, and serviceability. The software is designed to have a Zero Trust architecture, so you can deploy it in any environment without the fear of exposing relevant company data. In a nutshell, Barco CTRL gives you full control over the information inflow in real-time, so you don’t miss any relevant data.


All Barco’s software increases efficiency and comes with 100% security backing, including the Barco OpSpace. It is a personal workstation containing various displays on the user’s desk for simultaneous viewing and managing data. OpSpace gives you access to various information without switching between screens and computers; everything you need can be reached since they are within the same pixel space.  


Losing relevant data can cause severe losses, which is why digital security has become a major concern for individuals and enterprises. Barco’s SecureStream makes content sharing more secure, it is easy to use and supports many devices. It is one of the best media streaming solutions designed to seamlessly share content from the control room to others without compromising data security.

TransForm N CMS

As an enterprise, you need secure and scalable software systems to protect company and employee data while easily adjusting to your company’s growth. Barco’s TransForm N CMS is a comprehensive control management suite allowing easy video wall and conferencing management. The LED board display software is designed to function 24/7/365; it is highly reliable, and you no longer need to worry about service downtime.

Barco’s Software Suite Key Features

  • Easy data management, distribution, and decision-making.
  • Gives every stakeholder access to data and information in real-time
  • Multi-screen management
  • LED video wall control
  • 100% advanced security to protect employee and company data.
  • Customizable user interfaces for all LED screen display software


Barco has every LED wall display software needed to optimize, manage, and maintain a seamless conferencing experience. It offers customized LED display software services to medical facilities, themed entertainment hubs, and educational conferences, making it stand out from the crowd.

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