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  • Automatic dimming features
  • Easy-to-use controller
  • Low voltage cut-out

What Is an Arrow Board?

Before now, arrow boards were made as traffic signs to control and provide additional warning or directional information to road users. However, advertisers and businesses have learned how to leverage these LED displays for their marketing needs. 

At this point, arrow boards for traffic control are not the only applications of these displays; some marketers now use an arrow board trailer (used for construction and traffic control) and truck-mounted arrow boards to reach more audiences on highways.

Due to the increased demand and the need for better results, manufacturers now produce LED arrow boards capable of maintaining their display integrity even under harsh sunlight and other weather conditions. Generally, the LED arrow board is available in two display patterns: flashing arrow boards and sequential arrow boards.

Tech Spec of NSE LED Arrow Board4

Woodboard arrows were used in the past for traffic control and indications. But now, arrow board manufacturers use high-quality LED screens to design them for various purposes. So much goes into the designing and manufacturing process of these display technologies. For instance, some major arrowboard parts include hoods, bulbs, batteries, etc. Aside from these parts, the tech spec of the NSE LED arrow board includes the following:

Parameter  Value
Battery Life Run indefinitely with sufficient sunlight.
Frame and Panel Type Aluminum
Brightness ≥3,500
Visibility ≥1 mile
Control Method Remote
Light Source LED
Easy to Operate and Maintain

NSE LED arrowboard signs have low power consumption and are easy to operate and maintain. They do not need frequent bulb replacements, making them a cost-effective LED display option. Additionally, a solar-powered LED arrow board sign does not need battery replacements.

Reverse Polarity Protection for Power System
Reverse Polarity Protection for Power System

Reverse polarity protection is an internal circuit in many electronic devices. It ensures that the electronic arrow board is not damaged if the power supply polarity is reversed by cutting off power to damage-prone circuits. NSE LED uses this to ensure that the arrow board power system is not cut off or spoilt, no matter the power supply sequence.


IP65 Rating

LED arrowboard lights by NSE are equipped with an IP65 rating, ensuring that they are resistant to dust, liquid, water, and other foreign bodies. Besides, they are also powder-coated to increase their durability in harsh conditions.


Why Choose Us?

When you choose the NSE LED arrow sign board, you’ll enjoy the benefits accompanied by decades of experience designing and manufacturing the perfect LED screens and sign boards for clients across 100+ countries. Besides that, you’ll also gain access to products that are tested in-house and meet MUTCD arrow board requirements.

All our staff are well-trained, and due to the quality of our electronic and magnetic arrow boards and excellent after-purchase support, clients depend on us for the perfect smart arrow boards to showcase their products, increase footfall, and gain more sales. 

Whether you need the certified MUTCD arrow board for traffic control, a national signal arrow board, or storefront solar arrow boards, we’ve got you covered. Contact the team at NSE LED to get the awareness and visibility your business needs.

NSE LED Arrow Board Types by Uses

Due to the significant advantages of these display technologies, their uses can be seen in various settings, be it trucks, trailers, marketing, etc. Some of NSE LED high-quality sequential and flashing arrow boards for sale include:
Vehicle Mounted Arrow Board: These are perfect for convoys and emergency repair units. They include trailer mounted arrow boards, arrow boards for trucks, and other vehicle mounted arrow boards.
Traffic Arrow Boards: They are configured to direct traffic using flashing or sequential patterns that road users can't miss. The NSE LED solar arrow boards have high brightness and visibility to ensure drivers and road users see the sign from a mile or more.
Advertising Arrow Boards: The NSE LED arrow boards are also perfect for showcasing or indicating directions for prospects who have never visited an establishment. The mounted and towable arrow boards are mostly leveraged by restaurants, retail stores, and coffee shops.

Benefits of NSE LED Arrow Board for Your Business

If your business is hidden from the public or in a crowded environment, you must differentiate yourself from other businesses. With active arrow boards, you can attract more new audiences and direct them to your store or outlet while spending less money. 

Additionally, the NSE LED portable arrow board has high brightness, improved visibility, and consumes lower energy than more advanced display technologies. This ensures that you spend less on advertising and maintenance costs.

Applications of NSE LED Arrow Board

Since manufacturers began to design battery and solar-powered arrow boards, many traffic control and vehicle applications have emerged. Since LED arrow boards are small compact control boxes that display flashing or sequential patterns, you can move and mount them easily to new sites.

They are perfect for displaying road signs, indicating a diversion, or serving as a replacement for the open and close signs. Currently, the following areas are the most common users of arrow message boards.

Traffic Control

Aside from directing pedestrians and drivers to safe passage, the left arrow, right, or double-headed arrow board installation is used during road works.

Schools and Business Areas

To reduce accident rates, schools located in busy areas designate parking spaces for visitors and use arrowboards to ensure safe student passage. Besides them, restaurants, coffee shops, fast food courts, and other establishments use the NSE LED electronic arrow & board to provide directional information for customers.

Emergency Repair Units

A breakdown in busy roads can cause accidents that may lead to immediate injury to people or properties. In such cases, emergency repair units are called, and they use an NSE LED board arrow to indicate that they are working and drivers should use the vacant lane.

What Are the Advantages of Arrow Board for Advertising?

Getting results from advertising requires investing in the right tools, and leveraging an arrow target board to share directional information about your establishment to new customers is no exception. It is highly visible, ensuring your directional message is visible even under harsh sunlight.

The arrow display board also makes it easy for new and existing customers who are not fully acquainted with your brand to find you easily. They are also remotely controlled. Aside from the above, here are other advantages of arrow board for advertising:

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