Alphabet LED Display

The current LED display is no longer limited to a whole screen to display the information that the user needs to display. In recent years, a new type of alphabet led display has appeared on the market, and many companies like to use alphabet led display to display their brand name or slogan. Today this article will introduce you to alphabet led display from several different aspects.

What is the alphabet-led display?

The alphabet-led display is a type of LED display that uses standard unit modules of different sizes and lengths and can be customized into letter-shaped LED displays according to any needs of customers. Because Alphabet-led display can be flexibly customized into various texts and graphics, it is loved by many customers.”

What is the advantages of alphabet led display?

  • Low energy consumption
    Compared with the conventional box-type led display, the alphabet led display can save energy by more than 60%. Even at the same time of high-brightness display, the natural heat dissipation of the product can meet the heat dissipation requirements, and also meet the international requirements of energy saving, emission reduction, low carbon, and environmental protection. call.
  • Lightweight
    Light weight and simple installation can save you a lot of labor while saving a lot of freight.
  • Easy maintenance
    On the basis of the separation of display and control, the display part adopts the modular design of the light bar, and the light bar can be easily disassembled and maintained separately, which greatly reduces the difficulty of maintenance.
  • High-standard processing, suitable for long-term outdoor use
    Tested by a third-party professional organization: the protection level of the Y series letter screen is as high as IP65, which can fully adapt to various harsh rainy weather; The anti-treatment process further guarantees the dust-proof, moisture-proof and corrosion-proof properties of the product, and ensures that the product has strong weather resistance and can be used for a long time in harsh outdoor environments.
  • 100% waterproof
    With high protection performance above IP65, to ensure normal work in outdoor rainy weather.
  • High brightness, adjustable brightness in a wide range
    The advanced electronic circuit design and ingenious structure ensure that the brightness of the product can reach up to 6000nit, and the display screen is still outstanding during the day; the brightness can be adjusted within the range of 5500-6000nit to meet various brightness requirements such as low brightness at night.

What is the Usage of Alphabet LED display?

  • Slogan: No matter what it is some activities or companies will have their own Slogan. Now more and more customers order LED dipslay with different letters, and spell it into the words they want to display, Alphabet led display can make slogan more Vivid images are no longer monotonous.
  • Brand name: Displaying the brand name with Alphabet LED dispaly can make your brand more eye-catching and attract more attention. Compared with some brand logos we see in daily life, Alphabet led display can display color in a more flexible way.
  • Sign: Alphabet LED display is often used in a large space as a sign to distinguish different areas, making the building look more layered and high-end.
  • Advertising: Alphabet LED display is also widely used in outdoor promotion, so that the products you want to promote can be presented in front of the audience in a more novel way and achieve better advertising effect.

Alphabet LED Display

Alphabet LED Display

Alphabet LED Display1

What is the applications of Alphabet LED display?

  • Large-scale enterprise building: Many large-scale enterprise buildings will have a company name logo on the roof. More and more companies are replacing ordinary logos with Alphabet LED displays, so that the company name can be better displayed. Whether it is day or night, the company name can be well displayed in the eyes of passers-by, which is equivalent to a free promotion method.
  • Event site: There will be many Slogans in many large events. If Alphabet LED display is used, it can add a sense of color and layering to the event site and make the theme of the event more prominent.
  • Streets: Many streets will also use Alphabet LED display to distinguish different streets, which can add a technological color to the city and allow tourists to clearly distinguish different streets.
  • Shopping mall: Alphabet LED display is also widely used in shopping mall as a novel creative advertising display. Because Alphabet led display can play its own products while spelling its own brand name, it has high advertising value and is loved by many high-end brands.

What services we can provide you with Alphabet LED displays?

  • Customized service: We can customize any letter LED display in the size you want according to your ideas.
  • Professional advice: If you do not have a good Idea, we can design a solution for you free of charge according to your installation site and desired effect
  • 7-24hours service, provide you with online guidance anytime, anywhere.
  • 2-years warranty: During the warranty period, if you encounter any product quality problems, we will repair it for you free of charge.

In Conclusion:

As a new type of creative LED display products, Alphabet LED displays have been discovered by more and more customers and used in their commercial promotion. Because on the one hand, compared with the traditional LED display, the installation and use of the Alphabet LED display is more convenient, and because it can be spliced ​​into different words, it has strong flexibility, which greatly enriches and improves the performance of the LED display, suitable for Various commercial and brand promotions provide important display elements for the creative display of LED displays.
If you also want to be the first beneficiary of Alphabet LED displays, please contact us and let us know your idea to get a professional Alphabet LED display solution. NSE has a dedicated R&D team that can provide customized services according to any of your needs.

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