A Guide to Choosing the Right Display: Outdoor LED Pool TV

With the rapid development of modern society, LED display has remarkable achievements in various fields. At the same time, people also have higher and higher requirements for displays in entertainment places. Today we take an outdoor led pool display as an example, talk about why outdoor LED display gradually replaced the pool traditional TV, and become the best choice for outdoor pool screen.

What is outdoor led pool display?

As the name suggests, outdoor led pool display refers to a special LED display designed for outdoor pool environment. It is a waterproof, durable, high-brightness, anti-glare display. When choosing an outdoor display for a pool, LED displays are often the first choice in this specific type of environment.

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Why pool LED display is more suitable for swimming pools than traditional TVs?
  • Waterproof
    Outdoor pool LED displays are ultra waterproof, preventing water and moisture from penetrating the screen and damaging it. Traditional TVs are often not waterproof and cannot function properly in environments where they are exposed to water or moisture.
  • Durability
    Outdoor pool LED displays are made with water-resistant materials and waterproof sealing technology to withstand factors such as splashing wet pool water and humidity, providing greater durability. Generally speaking, the service life of outdoor LED display can reach ten years or even longer. Traditional TVs, on the other hand, are susceptible to damage in wet environments and need to be used more carefully.
  • High Brightness
    Outdoor pool LED displays have high brightness and anti-glare capabilities and can remain visible in outdoor environments under direct sunlight. Traditional TVs may reflect and glare under bright light, which can affect the viewing experience.
  • Flexibility
    Outdoor pool LED displays often have waterproof housings and specialized mounting methods that can be adapted to the specific requirements of the pool environment. They can be customized to fit the design and layout of the pool, better integrating into the pool environment and enhancing the overall aesthetics.
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What functions or benefits can LED displays bring to swimming pools?
  • Enhance entertainment and experience
    The swimming pool LED display can provide a variety of entertainment content for the swimming pool area, such as movies, videos, music, and games. These contents can increase entertainment for swimmers and spectators, providing them with a more interesting and interactive swimming experience.
  • Diversified Information Conveyance
    Pool LED displays can be used to convey important information such as swimming competition rules, safety tips, event announcements, and more. It can also provide real-time scores, timings, and replays to give viewers a better understanding of the competition and increase the sense of spectacle and participation.
  • Advertising
    Pool LED displays can be used to broadcast advertisements and promotional content, providing companies, brands or sponsors with the opportunity to showcase and promote their products. For example, they can broadcast business advertisements, fitness product promotions, swimsuit brand promotions, etc. This provides a unique platform for businesses to gain exposure and increase TV stations.
  • Increase ambience
    With pool LED displays, different visual effects and themed content can be presented to create a specific atmosphere. For example, neon effects, starry backgrounds, or underwater animations can be played at night to increase the attractiveness and mystery of the pool area.
How to correctly choose LED display for swimming pool? What aspects should you consider?
  • Weatherproof and durable
    To accommodate long-term exposure to outdoor environments, it is crucial to choose an LED display that is designed for outdoor use and is weatherproof. You’ll want to look for something with an IP65 or higher waterproof rating to ensure protection against dust, water, and high temperatures.
  • Brightness and anti-glare
    Outdoor environments usually have high ambient light, so the LED display you choose should have a high brightness level to ensure it is clearly visible even in direct sunlight. You need to look for LED displays with a high nits (brightness) rating.
  • Resolution and Display Quality
    You need to consider the resolution of your LED display to ensure clear and detailed visuals. Often a smaller dot pitch will provide a clearer picture. However, keep in mind that viewing distance and the size of the LED display are the most important factors in determining the best resolution for your pool LED display.
  • Viewing Angle
    Choose a display with a wider viewing angle to ensure that viewers can see the content clearly from different locations around the pool. This is especially important if the content on the large LED screen is to be viewed from different seating areas or recliners.
  • Budget
    Set a budget for your outdoor LED pool display and prioritize the features that are most important to you. You need to consider the long-term value of the display, subsequent maintenance, and durability, rather than just focusing on the initial cost.

All in all, by considering these factors and weighing your specific requirements, you can choose an outdoor LED pool display that meets your needs for durability, visibility, image quality, and overall enjoyment.

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