A case of an American Customer with 3 Units of Indoor P3 LED Posters

Location USA
Application: office and Trade show 
A case of an American customer with 3 units of Indoor P3 led posters
If your budget is limited and you want to achieve a satisfactory effect, then 3 units of P3-led posters are your best choice. Now I will introduce you to a case of an American customer with 3 units of P3 led posters, which can be used in both offices and exhibitions. 3 LED posters can be connected to get a 5.6ft x 6.3ft LED video wall. Our flight case packaging also 3 LED posters in one box, which can save costs for customers to the greatest extent.
NSE always keeps enough stock and can arrange delivery within three days after receiving payment. On the one hand, it can save costs for customers, because there is no need to wait for production, so it can be shipped by sea in the fastest time. The cost of sea freight is much cheaper than air freight.  On the other hand, the sooner customers receive the goods, the sooner they can use them, without delaying the time of activities or exhibitions. Many customers who have cooperated with us for a long time are very satisfied with the quality and effectiveness of our company’s products. We can always solve problems for customers when they need them most, so they have become loyal users of our company.
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