A Case About The P2.5 Indoor LED Digital Poster 640*1920mm Used for Office to Loop Company Highlights

Location: Germany
Application: Office

Glad to share a case about the P2.5 indoor led digital poster 640*1920 mm used for office to loop company highlights. Viewers can have a general understanding of the company’s situation in the shortest possible time.
Each LED digital poster has a large 8G memory, which can play the required programs according to the needs. At the same time, the settings of the program can be adjusted according to the needs, including the program entry method, the interval time between different programs, the brightness of the screen, etc. To sum it up in simple words, this is a product that can be customized by the user to meet the requirements except for the product size.

A case about the P2.5 indoor led digital poster 6401920mm used for office to loop company highlights
The thin and light design is characteristic of this product because the product is positioned to be used in some high-end places similar to offices. The frame thickness of the product is only 1.5 mm, and the thickness is 45 mm, which feels light and not heavy. The height of the base is only 10 cm, and what you can see visually is all the screen content, providing a visually full and eye-catching feeling.
The office will also be brightened by having this product, full of curiosity and more content-focused.

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