3D LED Billboard – The Ultimate Guide

3D LED Billboard

Today, I will discuss everything you should know about 3D LED billboards.

Whether you want to learn about features, cost, working principles or uses.

You will find all information right here.

What Is 3D LED Billboard?

3D LED billboard

3D LED Billboard

3D LED Billboard uses digital technology to produce a three-dimensional image.

Simply put, it uses 3D technology on conventional signage players.

These signage players have accurate calculations and creativity.

Normally, it creates optical solutions that trick your mind.

They are creatively arranged to render impressive 3D images.

Your eyes will 3D rendered objected.

They have blended attractively on the actual screen itself.

Such gigantic outdoor advertising displays help bring the brand’s personality to life.

How 3D LED Billboard Works

It works similarly to other 3D displays.

However, it works on a principle of forced perspective.

This perspective is a technique that uses object’s scale and the spectator’s vantage point.

As a result, forming an illusion of the thing appearing nearer, distant, smaller, or larger to the viewer.

It means two different images are captured from two different perspectives and combined in single footage.

This forms a three-dimensional footage effect on the footage.

Your left and right eye view the images with slightly different images in each eye.

And this forms the depth observed in 3D technology.

In real life, you similarly see the objects.

The depth you perceive is from seeing two different images in each eye.

3D technology creates an optical solution.

This forces your eyes to believe the objects are real when it is not.

And this is what is known as the impression of depth.

This technology attains 3D effects on billboard display by using digital media and techniques.

It does not fabricate 3D effects with obvious structures.

This makes the visual more convincing.

There is no physical element with edges to make the image look unreal.

Benefits Of Digital 3D Billboard

The notable advantages of 3D screen billboard include the following;


There is an excellent reduction of heat generation of the circuit.

It leads to power savings of up to 30-70%.

This is more than an ordinary LED display of a similar type.

Ultra-High Definition

Ultra-high definition display can attain the highest resolution of 4K.

This is more or less like watching the latest high-definition TV.

It provides high-quality and sharp images.

Incredibly Sharp Colors

It obtains rich colors with the assistance of 16-bit high-grayscale grading.

This happens at a high contrast ratio of 5000:1.

High-Quality Image

You get the best quality and highly stable image with the aid of an ultra-high refresh rate.

Also, you achieve it through the help of ultra-strong white temperature auto-balance technology.

Silent Power Supply

Optimization of silent circuitry significantly reduces power consumption of the product.

It also eliminates heat dissipation in electric fan mode.

This allows product to work in a silent state.

It is fundamental for applications where ambient noise is of high requirement.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike traditional billboard, digital 3D billboards hardly require any form of printing.

The former has a lower carbon footprint and tend to be more sustainable.

High Depth Of Field Effect

High depth of field of effect is the latest virtual 3D processing in the universe.

It can reach three meters allowing people to get vivid three-dimensional effects.

This is possible when looking at it directly with a naked eye.

Highly Flexible

You can easily and quickly change 3D LED digital content.

This is suitable for businesses requiring frequent advertising updates.

It is highly versatile and allows your business to display static and animated images.


It is becoming the most cost-effective advertising technique for reaching a larger audience.

Ideally, this is imperative, especially in the modern, fast-paced world.

Factors to Consider Main Elements In Selecting Suitable Digital 3D Billboard

3D LED display

3D LED Billboard

Finding the right 3D LED digital screen is fundamental if you desire to make the most of this form of marketing.

Some few critical factors you must consider in 3D advertisement board include the following;


Choose a 3D screen billboard located in an area where several people can easily see it.

Several people seeing the billboard increases chances of creating awareness as desired.


The size of a digital 3D billboard should be large enough to enable the target audience to see it effortlessly.

Type of 3D digital billboard

Always choose a specific 3D LED billboard programed to deliver higher levels of brightness and clarity.

The target audience should never struggle to view, read and understand the content in the digital 3D billboard.

Why LED 3D Billboards Are Ideal For Marketing Your Product

3D digital billboards are proving to be an ideal choice for marketing.

They arouse curiosity to know what the ad is about.

Some notable elements that make this technology suitable for marketing your products include;

Ability To Reach Both Online And Offline Customers

It conveys the message to passersby.

These may include potential clients on different social networks.

Most audiences like watching the display by filming and taking pictures.

They later share the same on different social media platforms.

This spreads the message vastly.

It enables your brand to reach out to the online community indirectly.

In essence, it increases the effectiveness of advertising by several times.

Offers Clear And Stunning Image Quality

To create the most realistic 3D content, the LED display has to meet numerous requirements such as;

  • High dynamic range
  • High brightness
  • High grayscale.

All these elements guarantee excellent picture quality that is highly attractive.

Creative Way Of Enhancing Brand Awareness

Generally, 3D LED billboard narrates a good story and offers a valuable consumer experience.

Thus, the customers are inspired and will always have your brand in mind.

It Is An Excellent Attention Tool

3D digital billboard displays attractive effects.

Such effects hard press people, especially if it is first-time viewing.

It creates quality 3D content that glees your audience.

This makes it easy to attain the necessary attention.

Brings Instant Awareness

The 3D effect is amazingly eye-catching.

This ensures your brand reaches the masses irrespective of where you place the ad.

Offers Better Audience Retention

This billboard allows your brand to establish and build an identity.

It is easier to get the message across when using 3D ads.

How Much Does 3D LED Billboard Cost?

The growing popularity of LED billboards today arouses curiosity regarding their cost.

Pricing of this advertisement board is dependent on the exact scope of your project.

The cost of most common LED billboards for small-scale applications is around $1000-$15,000 monthly.

In the past, these billboard were only limited to large corporations and blue-chip companies.

Such corporations had vast budgets to easily afford them.

But technological evolvement in this sector is immense.

Digital LED tech affordability recently, ensures 3D digital billboards are available to any business.

If you have a vast project, an outdoor 3D advertisement board is likely to cost you up to $280,000.

Several factors such as the following come to play;

  • Clarity
  • Size
  • Location
  • Quality of screen technology
  • Display duration

Additionally, you need to cater for structural and installation costs.

This can be up to $150,000 on top of the billboard’s price.

Other minor costs include digital signage designs and interior billboards.

These would cost around $50 to $60,000.

In other words, a 3D LED billboard is a considerable investment.

It can be profitable because it easily generates more income than traditional printed advertisement materials.

Besides, you can always get something for your project based on what suits your budget.

What Are The Main Applications Of 3D LED Billboard?

Application of 3D LED Billboard

Application of 3D LED Billboard

Like ordinary LED displays, LED 3D screens also have a wide range of applications.

The main sectors that use this advertisement technology include;

  • Outdoor advertising
  • Museum exhibitions
  • Theater and performing arts centers
  • Conference rooms
  • High-speed railway
  • Airport lobby
  • Shopping malls
  • Auditorium
  • Social halls
  • Casinos
  • Theme parks

How Do You Get Most Suitable 3D LED Billboard?

Quality is a core element you can hardly compromise in 3D billboard advertisement.

It is important to consider some factors relating to the final quality of the 3D billboards.

The notable conditions that LED 3D screens should meet include the following;

  • Customized LED cabinets
  • Ambient light and fusion of 3D display
  • Integration of 3D digital LED display and installation site
  • High-standard LED display featuring high refresh rate, high grayscale, and frame rate.
  • High HDR and higher contrast ratio are ideal for attaining an immersive experience
  • Brightness of more than 600 nits for outdoor LED 3D screen to ensure normal watching
  • High-standard IC that can achieve high brightness without any concession to grayscale likely to damage the final product

Future Trend Of 3D LED Billboard

3D screen billboards are becoming more popular everyday with the tech storm taking over the universe.

Technically, 3D billboard ads tend to have more permanence than traditional ones as much as market trends and consumption patterns trigger advertising.

It allows the user to tap into a thrilling new world.

This is common when walking through a city’s heartland or driving through a freeway.

Since the onset of covid 19 pandemic, 3D advertisement boards have become a rage.

Many people often look at the images and get attracted amid the gloomy days.

Presently, several brands are jumping to disrupt advertising and marketing.

This is seemingly obvious that 3D LED billboards are about to stay longer.

Other than advertising boards, it can also be applied to a wide range of innovative LED screens.

Some examples include 3D LED car displays and floor displays.


3D LED display is a product generated by combining LED technology and the art of installing a large-screen led display.

It provides anyone viewing it with a thrilling visual experience.

You are unlikely to get the thill from any other digital display.

This technology is a specific example of exciting technology expected to dominate the marketplace for a long time.



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